healing. takes. time.

healing. takes. time.

Have you ever wondered to yourself about an area of your life, “Why is this taking so long to fix? When will it get better, when will I have the result I want?” It could be an injury or illness. It could be a difficult relationship or a situation in your life that is challenging you to improve. We all have these “areas” in our life that need healing, and often times we want a result before really doing the work. And, yet what I’ve come to find is that, any lasting change takes time. A lot of time. And, a tender balance of focus and of letting go. We all can visualize an outcome of how we would like something to turn out, but we often find that it’s not always how we visualize them, that things work out. There is usually deeper work to be done if we truly want to improve an outcome.

Healing. takes. time. And, yet our brain likes to play tricks on us. It likes to see results and so it puts this undeserving pressure on our life. “I want it now” has become our attitude. When my children are acting ungrateful I’m known to call them “Veruca Salt” from the original movie, Willy Wonka, and of course I recite the song “Don’t care how, I want it now!” They always seem to have some self-reflection that brings them back to a state of “getting it.” Of course, not before teasing me and giving me a hard time about calling them “Veruca.” Interestingly, Verruca is a medical term for wart, so it’s a double sting.

We all get impatient. We all want to see results. We all want to know our efforts are worth something. What we lack is patience. Patience is an art form. It is not an easy virtue to attain. It takes incredible faith to have patience because it is believing that part of the healing is in the waiting. It’s in the hidden moments of discovering a question being answered. Maybe a friend we connected with after a long time to help bring reflection or insight. All these little things take time.

Maybe instead of wanting results we can turn it around into gratitude that our Creator thinks we are worthy of the challenges we face. After all, we know that overcoming an obstacle in our life is incredibly rewarding. Maybe instead of being frustrated at not seeing change, we can turn it into patience, knowing that whatever challenge comes our way is for our greatest good. What if we realized that just maybe, our challenges choose us because of who we are to be when we overcome them?

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I would like to say that Inner Strength massage oil has been a heaven sent for me. I have arthritis, it runs in my family and my brother was the very first one to discover it. I just think that this oil is the best. I’ve tried so many different kinds of oils for pain and this is the best there is. I have also passed it on by giving it as Christmas gifts for people I know that could use it and they love it. I sincerely appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the oil and I will never stop using it.


– Leticia E. in Vancouver, Washington

Soul Escentials products ascend to a realm of relaxation and healing that I had never experienced before. I could feel the difference right away. The therapeutic properties of these essential oil blends have helped me feel so much better. My parents have painful arthritis and I bought them some Soul Escentials salts for the bath. I knew they had tried it when they asked me where I got them. It helped relieve their pain. They are hard to buy gifts for and now I know what to get them.


– Betsy K. in Jamestown, Pennsylvania

The first product that Rachel ever recommended, “Replenish,” just so happens to be the one we use most frequently and has had a profound effect on the wellbeing of our youngest child. Nathan has Down syndrome and one of the traits that comes along with his condition is narrow sinus and nasal passages. One top of that he also had Tracheomalacia and Bronchomalacia (collapsing of the trachea and bronchi) when he was a baby. As you can imagine it was crucial that we did everything we could possibly do to keep it easy for him to breathe, especially when he became congested. Using Replenish (we use the massage oil on his chest, and back and also use the essential oil in the humidifier) helped keep his mucus thinner and helps open up his airways breathe easier and sleep more soundly. Thankfully he has grown out of his malacia but we still use Replenish on a regular basis to help him and the rest of our family breathe easier when we come down with colds.

– Alanna L. in Lafayette, Oregon

I have been using Soul Escentials oils for about 3 years now. My biggest use of them has been for serious back and muscle issues, and with heat treatment and ice. These oils often stopped my pain so that did not need to take my pain medication. I have used them for my stuffed up nose with allergies, stomach issues, near panic attacks and often just to have my own luxurious spa treatment! I would not ever want to be without these oils!


– Susie S. in McMinnville, Oregon

My husband and I, both seniors, have been using Inner Strength massage oil for the many years Soul Escentials was available. From his achy back to both of us using it on our knees. It is amazing how it takes on the pain and soothes. I am confident in the natural ingredients used making this product. Rachel is always there to answer any questions on her products or for your overall wellbeing. I certainly would recommend Inner Strength to anyone who is looking for something to help feel better again.


– Bonnie F. in West Bend, Wisconsin

When I inhale Surrender, I breathe deeper, slower, intentionally. It is both healing and uplifting, a perfect combination of essences. And for that moment, when I surrender to the tranquility this magical aroma captures, I feel contented and pleased.


– Karen W. in McMinnville, Oregon

So much has changed in my life since starting to use Soul Escentials products. Let’s start by saying I am a true lover of fine quality body products, always looking for the best. Well, I have found it now and I can’t live without it! Soul Escentials is not only making the best quality products out there but they are taking pure essential oils for health and healing to the next level. My favorites are Amorous, Free Spirit, Inner Strength, and Vibrance! I feel like these blends have truly changed by life! My love is stronger, my spirit freer, my strength more adept and my vibrancy shining bright! Thank you Soul Escentials for helping me attain the most important things one can possess. So pure, so true, so you.


– Angela P. in Anaheim, California

Soul Escentials Replenish blend is incredible. We keep it on hand – great if the kids feel stuffy or under the weather. Helps to gently keep airways and chests clear during the day or night.


– Beth C. in Sherwood, Oregon

I have enjoyed using Soul Escentials oils and bath salts for a few years now.  My favorites are the essential oil blends.  The Inner Strength blend has been helpful to me in easing minor joint pain.  I enjoy the Surrender blend at night, and for a soothing bath.  The Lemon Ginger has been useful for easing occasional constipation, or digestive upset. The bath salts are lovely for a soothing and relaxing bath, and they leave my skin feeling soft.  I have given the oils as gifts as well.  I recommend essential oils for many uses. Satisfied oil customer!


– Debbie O. in Dundee, Oregon